Stopped working after i forced stopped the process

I had a job fail and after making a few tweaks told it to resume the job. After a while of not seeing the progress bar moving i decided to just cancel and start over. However, cancelling also seemed to be doing nothing. So after a waiting a while I just killed the process. At which point docker stopped working. I let docker do a factory reset but it still failed to start. So I uninstalled docker and then reinstalled it using the webodm installer. And docker still fails to start. Or rather, it never seems to finish starting. I’ve been waiting about 10-15 minutes now and it still says ‘docker is starting’ in the notification tray.

I would have thought uninstalling docker and reinstalling would fix whatever the previous force close messed up. Is it normal for docker to take forever to do something? It took a while just for it to uninstall.

Any ideas what i can do to fix this? Let me know if there’s an error log or something somewhere I can look through or post here.


Reboot your machine and then try again.

There were still some docker entries in the registry. Docker wouldn’t reinstall since it kept saying docker was already installed. I manually cleaned out all the docker entries in the registry and was then able to reinstall. Thanks for the help.

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