Stockpile Volume

Hello guys,

I would like to build a Python Flask App (hosted in Azure) that can enable users to compute stockpile volumes.

I dont know much about drones or photogrammetry, would someone guide me on the tools I need to process drone captures images in the cloud in order to get volume estimates?

Thank you very much.

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Can’t help with that web thing but there’s a plug-in in QGis to calculate volumes between two rasters(dsm/dtm).


My research so far tells me I can use the open3d python package to compute volume of a stockpile using a Point Cloud.

A format such as .ply (Polygon File Format) could be used for the point cloud.

I this a generic format provided by drones? Or I need a software to process the drone pictures to generate a point cloud?

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Unless the sensor is a LiDAR sensor, you’re not getting a point cloud as a deliverable without processing.

OpenDroneMap is such a tool to create that from image inputs.

I would stick to a Geospatial data format for point clouds such as EPT or LAS/LAZ


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