Still issues with non-ascii characters in various places

following on this subject a user recently signal me an issue and it seems the fix is no longer working properly.

I have isolated the issue so far in the package onnxruntime as ort (I suppose that it has been hadded since the precedent fix ?). When there is a non ascci character or accentuated character in the install path of ODM the console will display the following at launch :

2 0 2 2 - 1 2 - 0 7   1 0 : 0 6 : 1 4 . 8 6 0 2 7 8 1   [ W : o n n x r u n t i m e : D e f a u l t ,   o n n x r u n t i m e _ p y b i n d _ s t a t e . c c : 1 6 2 2   o n n x r u n t i m e : : p y t h o n : : C r e a t e I n f e r e n c e P y b i n d S t a t e M o d u l e ]   I n i t   p r o v i d e r   b r i d g e   f a i l e d .

And when running a dataset it fail immediatly with the following callstack trace :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\testé\ODM\\", line 71, in <module>
    retcode = app.execute()
  File "C:\testé\ODM\stages\", line 121, in execute
    raise e
  File "C:\testé\ODM\stages\", line 85, in execute
  File "C:\testé\ODM\opendm\", line 382, in run
  File "C:\testé\ODM\opendm\", line 382, in run
  File "C:\testé\ODM\opendm\", line 382, in run
  File "C:\testé\ODM\opendm\", line 361, in run
    self.process(self.args, outputs)
  File "C:\testé\ODM\stages\", line 35, in process
  File "C:\testé\ODM\opendm\", line 395, in feature_matching'detect_features')
  File "C:\testé\ODM\opendm\", line 34, in run'"%s" %s "%s"' %
  File "C:\testé\ODM\opendm\", line 94, in run
    for line in io.TextIOWrapper(p.stdout):
  File "", line 322, in decode
UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xe9 in position 10: invalid continuation byte

Furthermore pdal has improve its handling of utf8 on windows computer according to the changelog, so it could be a bonus to update pdal at least to 2.4.1 ?

I will open a bug on github for the first point but have no clue/idea of how to fix it this time :(.


Thanks for the trace and the bug report!

According to the repo of onnxruntime the first point is just a warning.

Perhaps the error we are facing during run is not link to the same thing. I will investigate further.

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