"Step 1. Check Virtualization Support" - possibly a python issue

Hi, I have started working through the ODM documentation.

On the page - Installation and Getting Started — OpenDroneMap 2.4.7 documentation these instructions -

Step 1. Check Virtualization Support

Open a Terminal window and type:

$ sysctl kern.hv_support

You will get a response similar to the following:

kern.hv_support: 1

Give me an error - “zsh: command not found: $”

I am doing my best to correct this, including following the steps here: How to Fix “Command Not Found” Errors in Mac Command Line

But with no success. Can anyone assist me with this? Please note while I have used python in the past I am new to configuring.

My specs - iMac 17,1 3.4GHz 24GB RAM OS11.3.1

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Ah, that dollar sign at the beginning of a command for a terminal shows you that it goes into a terminal. You don’t type that character.

Try the command again, but without the preceding $

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Perhaps you have no idea just what you have helped with this. Thank you so much!

Rhetorical, but useful for future updates:
How is anyone supposed to “just know” this type of detail? Why would the documentation contain incorrect characters?

It is a convention, but a confusing one. We should probably find a better way to show this that’s a little more friendly.

I’m on holiday, but ping me in a couple weeks here and I’ll look into a better way to show this.

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