Status of Windows Native GPU support

I’ve been testing the Windows native version of ODM and I was hoping to use the GPU acceleration. Unfortunately I’ve learned from this forum that it doesn’t work for Windows native yet but that it is planned for the future.

I was wondering if this is actively being worked on or if there is some kind of rough estimate of when we can expect this. Does anyone here now about this?


Non-authoritative Answer:

Piero would have to answer, haha.

Do you have a particular timeline or something? Or just excited like I am?

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I’m just very excited about it. At the moment the performance is the biggest ‘issue’ for me, compared to other photogrammetry software.


Totally fair. More faster is more better, always.

I think we have some avenues forward with OpenCL acceleration, but I’m not sure how viable that is across all platforms/installation methods/etc. This one is above my head, unfortunately, but I know Piero has eyes on this, and we have a proof-of-concept working in the GPU-Enabled Docker build.

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