Starting WebOMD with icon

Hello, everyone

I’m working on MacOS with Monterey.
I’m brand new and installed WebOMD manually today so not with the installer. Is it correct that I can only start Web OMD via Docker Desktop, or does Docker always have to be running when I work with WebOMD?
I saw at a friend’s that this WebOMD starts directly from the programs folder, i.e. with a click on an icon (the WebOMD logo), like any other program.
Can I set this up for myself as well?
Many thanks for your feedback!

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It sounds like your friend is using the WebODM Manager for MacOS from here:

Docker will always need to be running on MacOS, yes. This is the same behavior as for Windows and Linux (with the exception of native versions).

You sure can!

I have this setup on my Linux (XFCE) menu:

They are just .desktop (Linux version of a shortcut) files that have the commands listed here:

for starting, stopping, and updating WebODM. The icons are provided by the system-installed icon theme(s).

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