Standard 2d orthphoto


I was wondering if there is a standard 2d setting just for orthophotos, that don’t imply a 3d cloud point model. I just want to georeference and stitch the photos in 2d space. Is this possible?


Try --fast-orthophoto and see if it does what you want. Sometimes the orthos aren’t as good in areas with lots of relief, but it may work for your use case.

I’ve been told that I should fly higher for better 3d-model. It seems that flying and a higher level also improves 2d orthophoto …
I wonder if anyone has also had these issues in adapting the drone photo prepping for webodm.
I’ve asked in a previous post about the very big difference between webodm and precisionmapper … but it’s a dead problem/question since precision mapper is going to be paid from the 15’th of june foreword …

You might try this project:

We’ll likely integrate it into WebODM eventually.

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I wonder if I can run the docker version at the same time as webodm and on the same machine.
Not sure if I won’t break my current install of webodm.

Thanks for the tip.

PS: my fast-orthophoto options of my current process came out alot better than the previous ones with the following settings on 130 photos:
Options: min-num-features: 16000, texturing-nadir-weight: 28, orthophoto-resolution: 1, dem-resolution: 1, ignore-gsd: true, build-overviews: true, opensfm-depthmap-min-consistent-views: 8, orthophoto-bigtiff: IF_NEEDED, fast-orthophoto: true, texturing-data-term: area, max-concurrency: 6, skip-3dmodel: true, matcher-neighbors: 21

You should be able to run them concurrently, just make sure they use different ports.

So I assume I should:

docker run -p 4000:4000 dronemapper/node-micmac

for example?

I think more like docker run -p 4000:3000 dronemapper/node-micmac.

Well I didn’t have any luck with micmac yet as it starts running, and nothing happens, no http://localhost:4000 available.
Anyway I insisted on changing some parameters in the presets, after looking at the changes made to the system ones that came standard with webodm.

In one tweak, contins-exp1-presets the image comes out fairly nice but still has some issues in connecting treelines and waterlines.

On another tweak, contins-exp2-presets the final image is awesome when compared to the ortho produced by precisionmapper, the treelines and waterlines were way better, but objects that were under the tree canopy dissapeared.

If necessary, i’ll share the original dataset with you guys!


You have texturing-nadir-weight set to 32. Try lowering that if you’re missing things under the canopy. If you haven’t bought the ODM book yet, I’d recommend it - it covers this.

Hi! What’s the name of the ODM book? What is the link?

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So I guess it’s possible the tweak the presets in such a way that I can have 2 for the generality of my tasks. One for 3d model and contours on the terrain, and another for plain orthophotography.

Yes, if you optimize for a better 3D model, it’s often at the expense of the ortho and vice versa.

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