Sponsoring projects OpenDroneMap relies on

Hey all :hand: Just wanted to send an update on some sponsorship news.

OpenDroneMap depends on a lot of other open source projects and libraries. One of these is OpenMVS, which is a core program we use within ODM to generate dense point clouds.

The lead maintainer of OpenMVS (cdcseacave) recently added an option for people to sponsor him on GitHub and to further improve OpenMVS (seems like GPU support is in the works). See his sponsorship page: Sponsor @cdcseacave on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub

UAV4GEO has signed up to be the first (hopefully of many) sponsor; if your work or company depends on OpenDroneMap (and thus on OpenMVS) consider becoming a sponsor too. It really helps the developer dedicate more time to improve the software for everyone. :pray:


I love this!

If I got into consulting, this was going to be something I made sure I did for each product I used to make my deliverables.

Thanks for leading by example with this, Piero. This is incredibly important for our wider community, and FOSS as a movement.

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