Split Merge - Settings

Hi - I am looking for some guidance / thoughts on how to optimize run time and success of split-merge(s). I have been able to successfully run very small data sets this way (e.g. 3x20images), however I am working my way up to some very large data sets. Right now I am experimenting with a 721 image set that processes on its own in roughly 3.5 hours…however I have yet to have a successful split-merge of the same data set. Right now I am attempting a split (103 image clusters) with the remaining settings the same and it has been grinding for 10+ hours. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


That’s quite strange for sure. Are you running this in WebODM or command line?

Running WebODM. I was able to process a split-merge successfully…but it took significantly longer than processing the entire set singularly.

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can you please mention the size of your data set and the settings you used to successfully run split merge?

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