Split-merge not adjusting DEM

Hi all,

I have normally used the split-merge function to create orthophotos and DSM with good success, but I have lately started trying to make very high resolution flights that are giving me headaches with the DEM:

The photos were taken at a 30m altitude, 75% side and front overlap. If I run the code with normal quality, I get a perfectly fine orthophoto and DEM. The area was about 2ha, and I am running a computer with 16gb RAM. I want to get the highest resolution point cloud possible to work on ground classification in R afterwards, that’s why I use --pc-quality ultra. I set the split to 30 photos because with the --pc-quality ultra argument I cannot process more than 60 photos at once, and with the overlap argument I choke the memory…

Can anyone guide me on why do I get such a problem, or how to solve it?

docker run -it --rm -v “D:\FieldPhotos:/datasets/code” opendronemap/odm --project-path /datasets --dsm --dem-resolution 0.05 --orthophoto-resolution 0.05 --ignore-gsd --pc-quality ultra --split 30 --split-overlap 15

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