Split-merge grouping photos clusterODM

Hello ,
Do you know how can I group images to form different shapes of sub-models?
For example I have a rectangle shape dataset and I would like to form 2 submodels trough grouping photos left/right parts of rectangle.
Now photos are sequential generated along flight path and georeferenced.
Do you know how cluster logic divide submodels?

The question is how can I generate image_groups.txt according my desired shapes.

Thanks for any input.

The structure is imagename (space) groupname such as:

EP-01-27637_0077_0294.JPG A
a2068_EP-01-27637_0078_0209.JPG A
a3141_EP-11-01426_0052_0140.JPG A
a2978_EP-11-01426_0052_0013.JPG A
a2691_EP-11-01426_0052_0314.JPG B
a2851_EP-11-01426_0052_0044.JPG B
a2583_EP-01-27637_0077_0035.JPG B
EP-01-27637_0077_0025.JPG B
a800_EP-01-27637_0076_0525.JPG B

Be sure not to have an extra line at the bottom of your file.

Ok.Thank you.

I use exiftool to create a CSV which I load into QGIS and then select and label the different groups.

I also came to this conclusion.
To use exiftool like this.
exiftool -n -filename -gpslatitude -gpslongitude -T ./ > out.txt

Then plot the points to visualize them and see the location here:
Or here:

And then generate image_groups.txt and group them as desired shape.

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Anything you can contribute to the docs would be wonderful: https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/docs