Split merge appears to have varying duration in opensfm stage. Also getting Error 104

Hi all,
I am noticing a big difference in the times to run the opensfm stage for each submodel. varying from 4 hrs to over 28 hrs. It is possible the 4 hr area (submodel_0002) had no buildings and very few trees.

I set: submodel_size: 1000, submodel_overlap: 60
Rectangular area approx 600m x 400m of earth, trees, buildings, paths
4k images
Images taken approx 30m height above ground
Mostly 60 degree angle to the ground (some other angles and heights around interesting areas with buildings)
Most images 60% overlap in 8 directions

Some analysis on split merge…

[INFO] Dataset has been split into 9 submodels. Reconstructing each submodel…
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0000/opensfm”
2023-02-02 18:30:40,063 INFO: reading features
15 hrs
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0001/opensfm”
2023-02-03 09:06:19,979 INFO: reading features
22 hrs
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0002/opensfm”
2023-02-04 07:36:05,034 INFO: reading features
4 hrs
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0003/opensfm”
2023-02-04 11:37:30,006 INFO: reading features
5 hrs
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0004/opensfm”
2023-02-04 17:09:06,349 INFO: reading features
25 hrs
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0005/opensfm”
2023-02-05 18:42:05,761 INFO: reading features
15 hrs
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0006/opensfm”
2023-02-06 09:49:21,396 INFO: reading features
21 hrs
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0007/opensfm”
2023-02-07 07:08:41,049 INFO: reading features
4 hrs
[INFO] running “/…/opensfm” create_tracks “/…/submodels/submodel_0008/opensfm”
2023-02-07 11:09:59,132 INFO: reading features
Still running (28+ hrs)

Approximately how long will this take to complete based on the progress to date?

I am also interested in the Error 104 in the attached image. Should I be concerned?

Many thanks,

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From the few times I attempted split-merge (all have failed, so I don’t waste time trying it anymore), the size of the submodels varied hugely around the number I set, as did the time taken.

I wish you luck with it though, you’ve invested a lot of time into it already!

Are there ~9000 images in total? For that size I’d be inclined to try the lot with no submodels if you have 96GB RAM or more.


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