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Hello forum, I am in the self-learning phase of ODM with a computer with a low capacity of 4gb RAM (3.8 useful) and I am using the Split and Split overlap command. I made an orthophoto with 56 images in the first exercise and then another,with the same set of images, with split 20 images and overlap of 10 m, obtaining a more Picasian orthophoto with three sub-models, I attached captures of the two exercises and the three sub-models, how the result can be improved. … ideas for a novice? … can affect the flight schedule to the result, I have done it with a fimi x8 drone at 50 m high and shooting photos every 5 seconds, with a handmade flight rack. The drone model does not support programming for photogrammetryodm s0 s1 s2 split

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Try decreasing the camera shutter interval to about 2s or so to help increase overlap.

Thanks, i Will do another try…a last question, who Is the reason that the first sub model have 24 pictures, the second 14 and the last 18 when i assigned 20 on the Split command

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It tries to cluster them by location, so the number is more of a guideline than an exact number.

If you need exact, and know what images must go in each submodel, you can specify manually:

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A trick that I have discovered with the Qgis freehand plugin … impressive for newbies, it is capable of georeferencing and adjusting the orthophotos, graphically, of the submodels and any orthophotos, you just have to have a reliable layer with good georeferencing, then you can rotate, move and adjust size with this plugin the rest of the layers generated with ODM


The final steep of this exercise is superimposing the orthophoto to the cadastre layer is quite precise? FimiX82020+ ODM +QgisCapturaface


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