Somethings wrong after migrating to new server

I had a fully working WebODM running on a Windows10 desktop but decided to bump it up a notch and move it to a Proliant DL380 G7 server.

I´m using WebODM manager and Docker and got it up an it is running om my new server. I have mý old projects.
There is something wrong thow, when i start a new project/task everything is running, the images loaded and the different pocessing part are being excecuted but after a while it stops and nothing happends anymore. I have left it for some days now but it is still stuck.
In other topics close to this one there seemes to be something with the memory and settings.
My server got loads of memory and diskspaces and dual processors so i guess there is something misconfigured. My guess is that odm can’t find previous paths to virtual mem or disks.
I don´t know were to look or how to find what´s wrong.

Restart of WebODM or server doesn´t help.


Hey @Darne, make sure you are running the latest version of WebODM (1.1.0, check from the diagnostic panel). We had some issues with version 1.0.0 through 1.0.2.

Hi I had 1.0.2 and have upgraded to 1.1.0
The testproject that was hung, is now “not found” and i can’t delete it. Is it safe to leave it and do anothet test or can i clear it some how?