Some experiences flying small drones at super high latitudes


I collated a lot of my experiences flying an ANAFI USA off and around ships over sea ice over the last couple of years here:

It aims to cover the basics of flying in weird/hard environments - how some issues are mitigated, eg mapping flights with the simplest possible controls because it is cold and hard to see, checklists, and a little risk management guidance for polar operations.

It doesn’t say much about why we did it, that might be better explained here (a talk from the 2022 ESA Living Planet Symposium): AdamSteer-LPS-2022-Bonn - Google Slides

I hope all that is helpful to some of you - I’ll push out a little more about some parts/results that are important via - and as I write this in March 2023, I’m still more than happy to hear about anyone needing a (paid) aerial data strategist / field ops manager / coordinator / pilot :wink:


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