Snapping new Aerial photo mosaic to previously georeferenced aerial mosaic


New to the forum. Had a thought on georeferencing a new (tile) mosaic to a previously, and very tightly, orthorectified aerials.

Was ponder how to best handle the continued collection of new aerials at the same location over time (and much more frequently of late) but hopefully reduce the time needed, especially if there already existed a previously orthorectified dataset to snap to, but using a pixel to pixel method of matching vs a true ortho rectification? Clear as mud?

Is something like this worth pursuing as a workflow? Is this the right group to ask?


Probably not as simple as you imagine; for example:

  • What happens if the camera is at an angle?
  • How do you compensate for light differences?
  • How do you blend overlapping images?

There’s probably some way existing results (especially a matching DSM) can speed up the process for other datasets flown in the same area, but a simple “snap” will result in pretty rough results even if you get the process right.

With that said, a learning experience is always worth pursuing and perhaps “rough” results are sufficient enough for certain purposes.