Small portion of completed task not displaying entirely

Hi all,
I have a problem with my orthophoto. My task with 161 pictures was completed after some time. I did two tests: one using fast ortho, and the second ultra-quality. for my fas ortho, I was able to open my map with no issues even in 3D view, but for my ultra-quality I was only able to display 1/8 of the map. I haven`t had this issue before. I closed the program multiple times to see if this would do something but no luck. Any suggestions? TIA!
Here is a link so you can see both tasks completed and my map not displaying 100%

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Have you tried viewing the Orthophoto in QGIS to verify that it is intact?

It might be a bad interaction between the size of the Orthophoto, your graphics card/driver, and our Leaflet Webmap viewer.

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