Slantrange 4P

Dataset URL (Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub…): PIX4D - Google Drive
Number of images: 1367
Size in MB: 1.8gb
EXIF GPS (yes/no): Yes
GCP (yes/no): No
RTK (yes/no): No

Comment/Description: We have the Slantrange 4p Multi spec camera and precision navigation module, the camera itself has 4 sensors producing 6 band images these are as follows:

Blue (RGB camera): Center 470 nm, Width 120 nm
Green (RGB camera): Center 550 nm, Width 100 nm
Red wide (RGB camera): Center 620 nm, Width 110 nm
Red: Center 650 nm, Width 40 nm
Red Edge: Center 710 nm, Width 20 nm
Near IR: Center 850 nm, Width 100 nm

Images have been corrected in reflectance values as it has a light sensor mounted on the top of the drone.

Software for the camera is Slantview and targeted exports options for the images into different parameters for different programs. They are labelled as Agisoft, Pix4d, Dronedeploy and Drone2Map.

**The above dataset is the Pix4d export settings are: pixel values to reflectance, write EXIF tags, export colour bands separately. .tif format **

Would love to be able to process in ODM, can supply the other formats if needed


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