Showcasing a 3D Model to a client

Does anyone know how I can show a client through a web browser my 3D model.
To explain further. We generate data and models using webODM. Viewing is not a problem.
However, I would, and so would the client like to be able to show the community a the 3d generated map and then the ongoing process. Similar to how we can move it around in ODM or a 3D modelling app.
Is there a portal or a way to upload it to a hosting server that would allow this, or post the iframe data to a site?
Hopefully this makes sense

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If you load WebODM on a server, you can then press the “Share” button and share a link to the iframes. Or leave WebODM running on your computer and use something like ngrok to open a tunnel to your machine (less ideal).


You can also use Sketchfab

Or this one