Show different project in one map?

Is there any way to show different project(such as building or mountain ) in one map?
I want to scan a small city and build the 3D model in WebDOM, but it is too big , and there are thousands of pictures. So I divide the city into several parts, and upload them as different projects(or tasks).
How can I show the models in one map together?
Many thanks for the replay!

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Check out this process here:

It will split and merge everything except the 3D mesh and serve it back in a single project. All you need is time or lots of machines.


Thank you very much!


ArcGis Pro might/should be able to import all of your .obj and DSM files - and enable you to turn them on one by one, gradually expanding the model. Requires a lot less power than building one large model - but a lot more money for the license than the cost of ODM :slight_smile:

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