Should I go 48mp or just 12mp for photogrammetry?

My Mavic Air 2 has a 48mp mode which I just learned is kinda “fake”

When taking pictures for making a photogrammetry mosaic with ODM, should I choose 48mp or would it be better to choose 12mp?

Now that we are into this… any ideas of an additional recommended setting?



For quad-bayer, I’ve found that the higher MP count images are basically indistinguishable from the 1/4th resolution, so they carry a massive file-size and processing memory penalty for really no measurable benefit since they’re not resolving any more real detail.

You should try an A/B test locally with a small dataset (20 images or so) and see if you can see any difference or not.


How I wish I knew this before buying 64 GB of RAM… :expressionless:

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More RAM will never be a waste of money with Photogrammetry-based workflows. Now you can push quality high, avoid swap/page, etc.

I’m trying to get like you! I only have 32GB!

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