Shots.geojson produced sooner


We have been using ODM for a little while and are now starting to hook up NodeODM to some of our processes. These processes are mostly hands off and usually only have a handful of images that we process to a mesh stopping at “odm_meshing”. For our workflow, we would like to be able to extract the shots.geojson at that point, currently it looks like we would need to process all the way through to at least “odm_report” in order to get this file in the “All”. For us, that would be a waste of processing power.

Is there a flag that we can set to get the shots.geojson to generate as soon as all of the required information is available rather than at the odm_report stage?

I am also assuming that the shots.geojson file contains the revised/adjusted/corrected position after the initial processing, and they would be “more correct” positions than the original input positions.

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