So I am curious as if anyone can help me figure out the best way to create a shareable “link” or similar to give off to clients from a Project I have in WebODM. I know I can use the Open Aerial Map site, but it doesn’t seem too intuitive for a client, as well as it is a public accessible site.

Or if I am missing something feel free to point me in the right direction. Thanks!

If you’re using the latest WebODM, you can enable sharing for a given project and then provide a link to the client.

And once you enable sharing you have to upload the results or something?? Seems that just enabling sharing doesn’t make it available from other devices on internet…

Once enabled, then you view either the 2D or 3D map and then there should be a share link on those pages.

Yes I’ve seen that, but the link only works within my own computer, how can i send the link to some one 5000km away without having to give him access to my computer and having to have my computer turned on? Is it possible?

@smathermather-cm my knowledge in informatics is very limited, I’d appreciate your help on this :smile:

You can push the data to OpenAerialMap, if it’s data that you are ok with sharing more broadly.

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Hi, I also have the same question, how am i able to share the link without my computer running webodm, I see that my computer is then turned into a server once I launch webodm. for me im able to see the link as long as webodm is running on my computer, is there any other way i can have my clients use webodm without a link or (without webodm running on my computer) but at the same time they still have the capability to do measurement etc.