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Hi All,
I’m wondering if someone can help me out here. I’m new to mapping etc and being a new business I’m trying to find some sort of viewing software that a client could download the data and view at his end. Would be even better if the can do some measuring also. This would mainly be for those one of clients that would not want to buy software etc. Return clients I would be sending them to buy the installer for WebODM so they are not the problem. I run mine ODM on a local machine so the share function does not work with ODM. I have tried PLAS.IO web viewer but it doesn’t seem to handle larger files. Any guidance would be appreciated
Thank you so much Shane.


Hi Shaneqt,

If I understand well you can share your own webODM enviroment. You can create a new user for your client and He can access from internet to your computer. Just you need a Public IP(or Dyndns) in your internet connection and you have to NAT (Port Forwarding) 8000 Port from the router to your computer with WebODM.

Per example:
WebODM Computer IP:

You have to NAT in your Router: External TCP Port 8000 to Internal TCP Port 8000 to IP:


Thanks for this just not sure how to do it. Does anyone know someone I could maybe pay to set up and install on a server service for me maybe?

what would you like set up?


Web ODM on a server so I can share the files I map to clients. Any recommendations on who can do this and what cloud service to get it installed on would be much appreciated?


WebODM Lightning by UAV4Geo / @pierotofy should be checked out.

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