Sharing from Windows version

I see the Share button is gone in the Windows version.
What happened ?
And can this be installed in AWS or Google hosting ?

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It doesn’t make sense to have a “share” button, because the Windows application is meant to work as a Desktop application (not a server). Exposing the underlying server process to the outside would allow others to log-in and delete your projects (since there’s no login).

Yes this can be installed on AWS or Google.

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hello pierotofy I just purchase the webODM installer for windows and I just start using it, what can I do to share the projects with the clients. I will have to install it manually in a server or there is something I can do now that I have it in windows? If not what will be the best solution


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I’d recommend to check out for data sharing. See also Find a way to share URLs via WebODM desktop version · Issue #1002 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub


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