Share ODM outputs

I have been trying to share a link with a potential Client but to no success.

How can I share the following :

to a link that can be opened in Chrome/Firefox?

I have searched the discussion forum but also to no avail… Any help would be appreciated.

Is this a machine that has a public IP address?

It’s just a Client that uses windows PC and Chrome browser: I have the link I showed above, when I share it with the Client, they can’t access anything directly. Thanks

How do I get the public IP of the Cline’ts machine? if that’s what you’re asking.

You will need to expose the computer to the Internet before someone will be able to access a link you share. This can be done a few ways, but I’ll focus on two only.

Method 1 - Network Address Translation, or NAT
This method is a means of allowing traffic destined to your external address through your firewall and accessing an internal resource.

Let’s assume your server has an internal IP Address of You’ll need to go into your gateway’s settings (consult the gateway manufacturer’s documentation on how to do this, look for NAT, Network Address Translation, or some simply call it port forwarding.) and point port 8000 to Once done, you would provide your external IP Address to your client. If you don’t know what your external IP Address is, there are many websites that you can find this out on. One such site is

Let’s say your IP Address is

You’ll then give your client a URL of

Method 2 is called DMZ, from the military term, “Demilitarized Zone”

This method involves setting up a special segment on your network that allows external access to the addresses listed within the DMZ settings. Once again, you’ll need to consult the documentation for your gateway as there are hundreds to thousands of products out there, I can’t possibly begin to guess what you’re using.

I recommend that you use NAT, if possible.

If you’re using a native install, this will be much easier. My experience with Docker is very limited, and perhaps someone can chime in here with info about how to get the IP Address of the Docker instance.

Also, if you’re asking these kinds of questions, you likely have a dynamic IP Address from your ISP. That means that your IP Address can change. Depending upon the ISP, it could stay the same for a day, a week, or until you reboot your gateway/router. You may want to look at a dynamic DNS service if you will be doing this sort of thing often. I’ve used Dynamic DNS or for many years, long before they went commercial. They have a free offering that will allow you to have a subdomain off of many domains they have to pick from. You could get something like “”, or similar. You can also elect to pay for the service and be able to tie it to your own domain name. Once again, this is just one of may services like it now.


You do not need the public IP of the client’s machine unless that machine is where WebODM lives. Otherwise, see my other post about how to allow access to your WebODM instance.

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Thank you so much for the clarification, I will try the NAT method and update you once successful. Appreciate your response :slight_smile:

Another option is to use a tool like ngrok. (

This will allow you to give a temporary public URL that can be reached from anywhere on the Internet. It’s very easy to setup. It works with Windows, MacOS, Linux.

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