SHARE button on Sites with many task is not visible

I am using WebODM for a while now. I currently have version 1.9.11 installed on my server.

I would like to use this tool to share the web links with my clients, but I find some inconsistencies that I would like to know if I can solve:

  1. When I have a site that has more than 1 task (due to periodic surveys that we do) we cannot see the share button.

I attach a screen capture.


Cristian Sanz

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Currently share functionality works for single datasets; there’s no share URL to view multi-datasets maps. I guess what you need is missing (could be a candidate for a new feature).



Are there any thread that develop this feature?

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Not yet, Cristian.

We would need to assess Community interest/need, and figure out if we can get a good pool of money together to fund the development if nobody can step forward to do the implementation.

Perhaps start a poll in #feedback for a #feature-request to see if we can reach critical mass on this one :slight_smile:

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