Setting up a remote processing node: WebODM Windows Native

So I’ve been browsing through the Forums and looking online and couldn’t find a straightforward answer or precisely how to do this which is why I’m asking.

I’m currently running WebODM Natively on Window’s (Installed Using the Installer, Not Docker) and would like to set up a processing node on my Desktop that I can access remotely from the Field or wherever through my laptop. Long story short is i’m beefing up my desktop to handle large datasets and want to use that for processing when on the road as opposed to my Laptop. Is there any documentation that lays out how to do this? Do I have to use Docker to set this up or is there another way? I’ve already Forwarded the port, i’m mainly looking for how to set up NodeODM. I’m not a programmer so not sure if this is going to be above my pay grade or not.

As always, thanks for the help!

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Hi, absolutely possible! We should actually add this feature directly within the WebODM application at some point.

For the time being, you can copy/paste this file (launch-node.bat · GitHub) in your main WebODM directory (e.g. C:\WebODM) and simply double-click it. It will launch NodeODM on port 3000 (no need for docker)!

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Thank you! I got that all set up and started processing a dataset to test it and it seems to be working just fine on my local network. My concern is that I have it set up incorrectly for remote access from outside my local network. I havet the host name set as my local IP address for my Desktop, i’m assuming this isn’t going to work if I’m not on my local network. Correct me if i’m wrong but if i’m right how do I set up a node for remote access? Or do I have to just set up a VPN? Thanks again Piero!

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You have several options, for a home setup port forwarding from your internet router might be the easiest.