Setting up a remote processing machine

Hey guys,

Has anyone set up their WebODM to work from the laptop but utilize the processing power of a remote desktop?

I tried setting up a node on the desktop pc, with renaming the node to recognize it, but when I enter webODM on my laptop I do not see the renamed node, instead, I get 2x node-odm-1.

Could anyone share resources on how to set this up, or maybe I’m missing something

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What’s your network topology like?

Is that machine hosting the node on a different network? Firewalls? Ports forwarded?

It is on a different network. Regarding firewall, I suppose webODM should be allowed. But about the ports, I have no clue.

I’m away from home now and won’t be back until the end of November to check it out but any recommendations and feedback from people who use it in such a way is welcome

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You’re going to have to expose the node machine to the internet, likely dealing with NAT and port forwarding on your home router (at the least, depending upon how many different networks/firewalls you need to traverse).

Is there any way you could use a different workflow?

Thanks for the comments, I will experiment later this month.

Of course, I can use the machine itself or use team viewer to access from an external location. However, the idea of this feature being available out of the box is great.

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You can also use something like zero-tier so you don’t have to open any ports or deal with NAT.


It does exist out of the box just has to be setup. webODM is a front end. NodeODM is a backend processing node. The included Lightning network processing node essentially does this for a fee. If you want to process it on your own desktop over the internet you just need to spend a few minutes setting it up properly. There are several ways to the desired result but the easiest is roughly fire up nodeODM, open fire wall ports to pass the required port, I believe 3000 by default. Add the processing node to your laptop with the public IP and your all set. Probably want to make sure you have an authentication token so random people can’t use your processing node but that’s your call. Other options like using a VPN also exist but the long and short of it is webODM can a processing node if it can connect to it (and is properly authenticated if needed).

Other options that also are not bad if your running webodm on a laptop and powerful machine. Upload and process the job on the powerful machine, export it and import it to webodm on the laptop. Depending on how reliable and fast your internet is, this may be the better option.

Either way there isn’t anything for developers to add as what your asking for can be done already with a little bit of effort. If your having issues you may want to consider the lightning network and it is currently the easiest way to move processing away from your local machine.

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