Server hosting for a complete idiot

Ive tried searching but I’m very new to this whole thing so need help

ive got odm working on my Mac which is great! all im missing now is the final step of being able to share the finished product with clients

I know I have to host it on a server but I have some questions

1- where is the processing power coming from? I have a new 64 m1max MacBook that can easily handle the processing, so is there a way of processing the images on my Mac and then uploading the finished product to the server version for clients to view it?

2- how do I go about creating the server and getting it all working? I didn’t use the installer

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Hello @gregory47,

Welcome to the forum.
Processing is done locally on your computer, unless your are using the lightning feature to generate your mapping products.

There is no server bundled with ODM or WebODM.
I believe there are a few people looking at methods to share products with clients, the two I know of are still in alfa/beta development, not quite there yet for public consumption.

If you search for Dronedb and in the forum you should get hits and more information.




I was able to just run the WebODM and DB docker images by themselves on my homeserver which I have reverse proxied to a URL. I can create a Read-Only account that folks can log in with to view projects they have access to. I don’t process on that machine because it just doesn’t have the legs for it but I can process on my Desktop cluster and then upload the zip file to the WebODM instance on my server.

I’m sure the app isn’t hardened for direct internet exposure, but it definitely does work for what I’m trying to do. I have just started messing around with it, but I think cloudflare or my reverse proxy will let me restrict via IP and that may be a less than elegant way to harden it a bit.


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