Sequoia Images Plant health view

System: Ryzen 7 2700X; 48 GB DDR3, 256 GB SSD
Latest Webodm/docker on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, Chrome 85.0.4183.83
Images from parrot sequoia 16-bit Tiff, gre/red/nir bands, 795 images / 265 views
Options: radiometric-calibration: camera+sun, orthophoto-resolution: 5, dem-resolution: 5, ignore-gsd: true, depthmap-resolution: 1000, texturing-data-term: area

Processing finished after 1:56 with great result;

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-09-03 13-37-04

The GEOTIFF consists of 4 Bands - GRE/REB/NIR and an alpha channel. I can process the GEOTIFF in qgis and calculate the NDVI- Image.
But when i try to switch to “plant health” view in the webodm map, i get a message “bad request”. The process (webapp) message is:
WARNING Bad Request: /api/projects/5/tasks/58011f60-59a3-4124-af50-fc32a2a65e64/orthophoto/metadata
Any suggestions?


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Perhaps a bug. Can you share the file from your task?

[Quite large]


Definitely a bug. It should be resolved with

Wait a few hours, update, then see if the issue is resolved. :+1:

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It works. Great.

Bildschirmfoto von 2020-09-04 06-23-36

Thanks a lot.