Seqouia Multispectral ortophoto bands not recognized

I’m having problems with multispectral image processing, digging through forums I’ve found other people experiencing similar issues without solutions.

The images are taken with Sequoia Multispectral camera, all band name exif/xmp tags appear to be apparent. But when the ortophoto is processed, I belive that the NIR and RE bands besides the green and red band are not recognized as ones, have tried processing different datasets by the same camera but none have been successful. When processing I used default “Multispectral” preset and set Image resizing to “No”.

I’m running WebODM with Docker on Ubuntu 20.04

Also when trying to open the tab “Plant Health” it displays “Bad Request”
Screenshot from 2020-09-01 18-11-37

Camera image meta data:
Screenshot from 2020-09-01 18-23-50
Screenshot from 2020-09-01 18-23-47

Processed multispectral ortophoto meta data:

Here is the dataset that I used (I used only .tif monochrome photos):

Here is the processed data:

Task output:

I would be glad to be using OpenDroneMaps, firstly because I don’t want to depend on Pix4Dfields and secondly I am very impressed with the quality of the ortophotos from regular RGB photos.
Also looking at Plant Health tab it appears to be quite a bit more advanced that Pix4Dfields. That would be great if I could resolve this issue.

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Not sure about the bands, but the plant health tab should have been fixed. Try to update and check?


Thank you, now it does show NDVI data.

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