Sentera Stitching service doesnt stitch

Anyone familiarized with Senteras FieldAgent and Stitching service?

I flew my drone on a 30 acres field at 230ft 80% overlap 16 mph. Then import on FieldAgent and make the Quicktile. But after that when i add the survey to the stitching queue, it just does not do it, only shows “waiting” in status and the dissapears from the stitching list. It happens same with RGB and NDVI.
Anyone who can help me get this fixed?


This is probably a question for Sentera’s support?

I use a Sentera Double 4K multispectral sensor, but have not tried to stitch with Field Agent. They actually recommend using Pix4D, but I have been using WebODM. I do have some problems with failure to include all of the images and have had to try various combinations of parameters.

Yes! but as the stitching service is built on OpenDroneMap maybe the solution was here. They even told me that it wouldnt be possible for both webodm and the stitchinig service to reside in the same machine. so basically im asking everywhere. Thanks for your attention!

I have the same Double 4K NDVI + NDRE, but what about ndvi do you stitch it in webodm too?

NDVI requires the red band from the RGB camera and the near infrared band from the NIR camera. Unfortunately, the two cameras do not take images simultaneously and, depending upon drone speed, will not completely overlap. I have created NDVI orthomaps from independent orthophotos from the two cameras. I then use ground control points to align the two orthophotos and calculate the NDVI values with a raster calculator in QGIS. In principal, you could do a raster calculation of NDRE for images from the NIR camera and then use WebODM or ODM to produce an NDRE orthophoto. However, that will not work for NDVI because the images do not completely overlap.

I am surprised that Field Agent uses OpenDroneMap. Sentera technical support recommended Pix4D to me and sent me a PDF with the methods to set up parameters for stitching. Do they have an example of parameters for ODM?

I have had memory issues with WebODM on my MacBook Pro and have had to set up a virtual server with sufficient memory to stitch the images in WebODM. For small sets of images, I have been able to produce orthomaps from the Sentera sensor, but you will need to adhere to the minimum configuration recommendations for larger (more than 100) image sets.

Hi Andrés, Joseph.
Did you find a way to use Field Agent Stitching Service and webODM in docker with the same PC?

I use Field Agent with a Sentera Single NDVI Sensor and recently i started using webODM and QGIS to create RGB ortho mosaics with 1cm resolution.


So far i have had the same trouble sometimes when my internet signal is slow. So unfortunately sometimes Sentera does not stitch.

Another tip I recommend to use the guide for Camera Calibration in webODM documentation since it gave me amazing quallity in RGB ortho mosaics. Now i am looking to get NDVI mosaic with webODM.


Hi @josephkoonce, I would be interested in trying that with QGIS and the ortho mosaics i have created with webODM and my sentera single NDVI sensor!