Sentera 6x Multispectral Data


I know a few people on here are using the Sentera 6x sensor. So far I haven’t had success creating the Orthomosaic for the RGB. Any tips on that?

More importantly, when I bring the multispectral data into QGIS, the layers aren’t aligned. Any thoughts on that? Pic attached. Thanks,


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Did you accidentally to turn on the --skip-band-alignment parameter? That might cause this.

I don’t have a Sentera 6x, but I do fly a MicaSense Altum. Since the Sentera also has separate cameras, a single exposure needs to be co-aligned during processing. As far as I can tell, ODM currently can’t handle stacked tiffs. There are some examples on this forum combining separate (non-stack) tiffs for each single exposure.

To me the ODM radiometric correction model is still kinda opaque. But if all you need is RGB, you could perhaps align/crop/undistort etc in Sentera provided software and then use ODM.

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Also, it looks like the Sentera has a dedicated higher res RGB camera? I’d just use that exposure by itself if you don’t need multispectral.

I have the same problem. I’ve tried many times to process Sentera photos. RGB only, multispectral, combined… nothing worked. I’ve tried also to turn on the --skip-band-alignment. Every time I try I got this message: “The program could not process this dataset using the current settings. Check that the images have enough overlap, that there are enough recognizable features and that the images are in focus. You could also try to increase the --min-num-features parameter. The program will now exit.”
There is enough overlap, other software has no problem with processing these photos. The problem shouldn’t be with the memory, for processing power saving purposes I processed from 15 to 30 photos. I have also increased the --min-num-features parameter (up to 32000) but nothing worked.
Does anyone have any suggestions where the problem could be? Do you think increasing this min-num-features value so drastically makes any sense (default value is 8000)?
Thanks for any help!

You need to make sure webodm support your camera.

Mine is not support yet.

I just went to Pix4D Fields. It’s stitches very quickly and allows me to select the entire session folder of TIFF and RGB and select which I want. It will take all the TIFF’s and combine them. It knows what to do. This is my preference because in the field I don’t want to rely on the cloud ODM to upload multiple gigabytes. Fields takes my computer about 5 minutes to stitch a few hundred photos.

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This is the use case for Pix4D Fields: assume a flat surface and just do stitching, limiting hardware needs. It has its limits, but under the right conditions, it’s super useful.

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If webOdm can do this or add a option like this, it will be very useful in agriculture.

ODM can process very similarly by skipping the 3dmodel and doing some other tweaks.

Official documentation says Sentera 6X is supported (in Multispectral section).

Do you think the problem could be with EXIF data? Could a missing parameter cause this…?

I’m not sure what that missing parameter would be. It works fine in other programs. Just for the sake of experiment I converted all the TIFF’s of one band into JPEG’s and kept the metadata, and Drone Deploy stitched it just fine. If it is the EXIF data, my guess is it would be a formatting issue unique to ODM that other programs seem to work with.

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