Sentera 6x Multispectral Data


I know a few people on here are using the Sentera 6x sensor. So far I haven’t had success creating the Orthomosaic for the RGB. Any tips on that?

More importantly, when I bring the multispectral data into QGIS, the layers aren’t aligned. Any thoughts on that? Pic attached. Thanks,


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Did you accidentally to turn on the --skip-band-alignment parameter? That might cause this.

I don’t have a Sentera 6x, but I do fly a MicaSense Altum. Since the Sentera also has separate cameras, a single exposure needs to be co-aligned during processing. As far as I can tell, ODM currently can’t handle stacked tiffs. There are some examples on this forum combining separate (non-stack) tiffs for each single exposure.

To me the ODM radiometric correction model is still kinda opaque. But if all you need is RGB, you could perhaps align/crop/undistort etc in Sentera provided software and then use ODM.

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Also, it looks like the Sentera has a dedicated higher res RGB camera? I’d just use that exposure by itself if you don’t need multispectral.