Send to S3 plugin

I’m working on new plugin to send webodm outputs to S3. When its finished I’ll add an option to connect it to the Cesium plugin. Suggestions always welcome!


My only wish is if it could be AWS agnostic (work with providers other than AWS) :pray:

Plugin idea sounds awesome!

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Most def. Amazon’s AWS sdk works amazingly well with any other vendor that follows their standards. DO is a prime example.


Are things like Azure also fairly compatible? I have a pile of free credits to burn :smiley:

Not directly but there are a couple S3 proxy apis we could use. Totally doable just some extra time involved. I’ll get it working with AWS and DO first and extend from there.


How are you going with this? I’m working on an AWS project using WebODM + FieldIMAGR that will generate a lot of data & could use this.

Curious though, why not just use s3fs to mount an s3 bucket? What is the benefit of setting up the storage from within ODM?

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Mounting buckets with s3fs is what I’ve been doing personally and works great for a manual solution! Using the AWS S3 api gives us more flexibility and reliability dealing with logging and error control. The goal for this plugin is to make things as simple as possible for the average user. Honest answer: the real benefit is to give WebODM one more little push towards mainstream acceptance.

This would be finished already, but every so often I stop looking at any code for a few weeks to give my brain a rest. I’ll be plugging back in slowly for the rest of the April so keep an eye out for updates :slight_smile:


Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for working on this. I use AWS a ton and I am looking forward to this plugin!