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WebODM on Manjaro Linux

I thought I would ask the experts about security. When I am working with WebODM, I get the alert below. Is this normal? Should I change some settings in my web browser or is there a more secure web browser (Google Chrome)? In addition, I am looking for documentation that explains the processing steps of drone imagery. I would like to answer some questions for potential clients.

Where are my images stored?
Where do the images go during processing?
Are the final images on a public server or in the cloud?
Can you keep my files for one year?
How do I get a backup of all my files?



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  1. loopback connections are not often secured. However, there should be no actual issue with a man-in-the-middle attack when on your own machine accessing a loopback address (one of the main benefits of HTTPS over HTTP). If there is a problem this way, your machine is compromised and WebODM using HTTP is the least of your worries.

  2. On the machine you installed WebODM, provided you’re not choosing another node like Lightning.

  3. Locally? From the folder you upload them from to NodeODM (within WebODM) for processing. Lightning? Same thing, but promptly cleared once the job fails or succeeds.

  4. See above. On the machine you installed WebODM on if using a local node, or on Lightning for 14 days after processing completes, whereupon the final product is purged.

  5. Locally, easiest is to export each tasks’ Lightning, download/archive the within 14 days of processing.

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