Second User-Account can't find processing nodes (even though he has all rights given to him)

I created a new user-account and gave him the rights to see and edit processing nodes.
When i log in, the new user can’t. I tryed to give him all possible rights but still, the useraccount can’t see processing nodes (and hence can’t create a new task).

It only works when the user is given admin rights (but i don’t want to do this).

Whats funny is, that if an admin creates a task for that user, the user can see this task and see its log. But it can’t start a new task because it can’t see any processing nodes.

Can someone help me? Thank you very much!

Is the user added to the “Default” group? If so, follow the steps below to give the whole Default group permissions to use your node.

  • Browse to your processing node
  • Choose “Edit”
  • Click “OBJECT PERMISSIONS” in the top right corner
  • In the field “Group:” write Default and click “Manage group”
  • Add the permission “Can view processing node” to the group and save

This did the trick for me at least.


thank you, that worked! Maybe this could be made a little bit more clear in the documentation.
Its also a little bit strange that i have to give group permissions and than again set the permission in the node itself. I understand that it might be important to allow access to different nodes.

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Agreed. Interested in helping us make this clearer? GitHub - OpenDroneMap/docs: 🎉 Contribute to OpenDroneMap's documentation! Read how below! 🎉


will have a look into it.

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