Scaling issues with the contour file when imported to AutoCAD from the file generated from WebODM

I’m new to WebODM and running it on Windows 10. I’ve successfully generated the map from the set of 61 images (300Mb in total). I’ve generated the contour file (in .dxf format). The problem I’m having is the scaling issues with the generated contour file when I import it into the AutoCAD. Below I’ve attached the image of the path measurement of the map in WebODM and AutoCAD. Can anyone help me to to figure out this problem?

Path Distance in WebODM - 245m (Left) and Path Distance in AutoCAD shows only 0.0022m (Right)


Have you used Re-Cab to set the correct unit and scale before importing in to AutoCAD or Civil3D?

Have you been able to figure out a work around for this issue? I’m having the same problem but do no have Recap like mentioned previously.