Scaling issues when importing into TwinMotion

Has anyone tried loading the .obj file that ODM/WebODM produces into TwinMotion? I realize this might be a better question for a TM-specific forum, but I thought I’d try here in case anyone has already had the same problem.

I generated the model using WebODM Lightning and the input was 169 JPG images with EXIF taken by a DJI Spark (it’s an old holiday present that I’m trying to make useful).

Loading the file works fine, and the textures look as expected. But, TM says the model is only 2.02x2.08m wide. The report.pdf file says my model is 102x105m, which is roughly what it should be. Scaling the model after import by 5,049 gets the model up to roughly the right size according to the transform fields but it still doesn’t look right next to other models with known dimensions (I imported a Revit model with known dimensions and verified that the dimensions are correct according to Twinmotion).

I can keep fiddling with the scaling until I get something that looks right, but I’m hoping for something more “correct”. I also pretty sure that I’m just doing something dumb. But, what?

Is there a better way to make this work?


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