Saragosa Park

Dataset URL (Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub…): Hub
Number of images: 125
Size in MB:483
EXIF GPS (yes/no):yes
GCP (yes/no):no
RTK (yes/no):no

Comment/Description: I was asked by the developers to make this post. Test dataset used between the various version of WebODM. have been debugging issues with the new windows version (1.9.1 build 22). been finding that it is no longer able to complete regardless of settings. I am able to have success with the overt versions of the program on Linux and docker. this is the smallest data set that i have used, with the largest over 1000 photos. all fail with the same task output of,

[ERROR] Failed to open file:
[INFO] running “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\SuperBuild\install\bin\OpenMVS\ReconstructMesh” -i “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\ba3cfa00-668d-4a87-a4c7-b835f3852574\odm_meshing\odm_mesh.dirty.ply” -o “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\ba3cfa00-668d-4a87-a4c7-b835f3852574\odm_meshing\odm_mesh.ply” --remove-spikes 0 --remove-spurious 20 --smooth 0 --target-face-num 400000
===== Dumping Info for Geeks (developers need this to fix bugs) =====
Child returned 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\stages\”, line 89, in execute
File “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\”, line 340, in run
File “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\”, line 340, in run
File “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\”, line 340, in run
[Previous line repeated 3 more times]
File “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\”, line 321, in run
self.process(self.args, outputs)
File “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\stages\”, line 24, in process
File “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\”, line 184, in screened_poisson_reconstruction’"{reconstructmesh}" -i “{infile}” ’
File “A:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\”, line 106, in run
raise SubprocessException(“Child returned {}”.format(retcode), retcode)
opendm.system.SubprocessException: Child returned 1

===== Done, human-readable information to follow… =====

[ERROR] Uh oh! Processing stopped because of strange values in the reconstruction. This is often a sign that the input data has some issues or the software cannot deal with it. Have you followed best practices for data acquisition? See Flying Tips — OpenDroneMap 2.5.5 documentation

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