Sance fortress 2022

Dataset URL (Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub…): GitHub - merkato/odm_sance2022: Jablunkovske sance photogrammetric dataset 2022
Number of images: 319
Size in MB: 1620
EXIF GPS (yes/no): yes
GCP (yes/no): no
RTK (yes/no): no

Comment/Description: This dataset covers same area as GitHub - merkato/odm_sance: Jablunkovske Sance OpenDroneMap dataset (acquired in 2017).


Awesome! Processing it at full quality now just to see it… .

Look at reconstructed in 2019-2022 stone walls. Even at standard settings cloud point makes awesome effect. In ODMdata there’s old (2017) dataset to compare.

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Thanks for sharing, I too processed it. I imagine the the big ditch was a moat at one time or a wall?

It was dry moat. And bastion wall :slight_smile:

More about this place here: ŠANCE HISTORICAL FORTIFICATION – Opevnění Šance

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