Same images different results

I took a set of images of a carpark for a client and uploaded them using the lightning network to test them before passing them to the client.

The client uploaded them. They have extremely high powered computers for their 3d autocad and engineering models etc so used their computers to process the images.

Their 3D model came back with an area of the carpark that is really warped. It is an area with a couple of trees so I took extra images lower down.

We used exactly the same settings and images, and now matter how many times we process them mine turns out perfect and theirs is warped in the same area each time.

What is the problem here? Surely they shouldn’t be forced to pay for the lightning network.

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Photogrammetry isn’t fully deterministic, not by a longshot, but more importantly, the ODM versions are likely a bit different between their current WebODM for Windows native install and the Linux Docker version currently deployed to Lightning. You can verify this by looking at the console logs.

We should be releasing a new update for WebODM for Windows native in the coming weeks with a ton of new fixes and improvements in ODM.