RuntimeError: A GCP file was provided, but no valid GCP entries could be used

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I’ve been struggling with a particularly stubborn job over the last few days in WebODM. I had two separate flights on different days and they wouldn’t process together failed every time. So I split it up into two separate jobs. The first day processed flawlessly with no issues. When I tried to process the second day it fails almost automatically with this error in the log “RuntimeError: A GCP file was provided, but no valid GCP entries could be used. Note that the GCP file is case sensitive (”.JPG" is not the same as “.jpg”). I saw a post where a user had a similar issue but they never responded to a request for more information. What strikes me as odd is that the GCP file from GCPeditor pro worked for the first job without a hitch but won’t work for the second one. I went and created a new GCP file with just the photos in the second day and it still failed. Similar to the original post I started processing without the GCP file and its working perfectly. Any help would be appreciated, thanks and have a great day.

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Sorry for the trouble.

This usually indicates a bad GCP file and/or bad data.

Are you able to share your dataset, GCPs, and processing parameters?


I can certainly share all of it with. What would be the best way to upload it all. I’m in a very isolated area with low bandwidth, I’ve uploaded three sample photos and my GCP file in pdf format. I used WebODM’s default high resolution settings unchanged. Thanks for the quick response and have a great day.


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Also the GCP file worked for the previous data set, just not this one makes me think it’s the dataset. But it did process successfully without the gcp file. The tricky thing is that I need to merge both datasets.

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Just solved the issue, I had pasted multiple days of data into one folder. DJI had reset the name of the photo at the begining of each flight so when I pasted the multiple days into one folder it renamed the photo i.e. DJI_0274 to DJI_0274 (2) but didn’t change the geotag information so it wouldn’t recognize the geo info. Sorry to waste your time and thanks for the help.

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Not a waste, and glad you got it sorted!

For reasons like this, I use ReNamer by den4b to rename all of my images using the EXIF Date Created field followed by the EXIF Camera Model. This allows for (almost always) completely unique filenames without collisions… Very rare exceptions for when your camera platform can write out more than one image per second, which is faster than the EXIF Date/Time field supports (seconds are the finest time unit). There are the EXIF SubSecTime flags which can help resolve this, but they can be difficult to work with and I’ve not found that I need them often.