Running WebODM on Mac M1

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I understand that WebODM is not supported on Mac Silicon. Does this include installing the 64bit software using an emulator (Rosetta 2). Any insight would be great!

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Correct, WebODM is not supported on Mac Silicon, no matter what you do.

Hopefully we’ll add support for it soon.


What about running ODM? When I try the docker run… command I get:

qemu: uncaught target signal 4 (Illegal instruction) - core dumped

I’m running an M1 MacBook Pro with Docker Desktop preview 3.1.0


That is also unsupported:

There would need to be build targets for all of the ODM components for M1 Apple Chips, which there are not yet.

No build servers from GitHub actions are available either, so those docker images would hypothetically have to be built manually or using a private GitHub action worker (or custom scripts), plus a different set of testing suites, etc.

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