Running Webodm on GPU


I have been searching this forum for a solution. But i have not find it so thats why i started this new topic.
I’m not a computer expert and i have bought the install version of Webodm. I was wondering if it is possible to run Webodm on my GPU. I have a nvidia quadro k6000. Currently its working on 0% while processing.

Is it possible to run Webodm on my GPU and is it pretty easy to fix?

Thanks a lot!

How much vram?

12GB I think

I have an Asus 3060 12gb and it works great.

Have you updated the drivers?

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I don’t know if the drivers are updates (i can try to do so) . Should it automaticly switch to gpu?

If it recognise a Cuda enabled gpu I should work.

thank you for your help.

I think it is a Cuda enabled gpu: Data Sheet: Quadro K6000 (

But do i have change some settings manualy because in default settings it is not using the gpu?

Are you sure it isn’t using GPU at all? It only gets used significantly for a couple of stages, and only the dense reconstruction if the images are too large for feature extraction.


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