Running out of RAM - Create new machine to increase RAM?


I’m running WebODM using Docker Toolbox on a Windows 10 Home MSI Laptop with a 7th Gen i7 CPU, 16GB of physical RAM and an Nvidia GTX1060 GPU. I got WebODM up and running following the documentation at GitHub - OpenDroneMap/WebODM: User-friendly, commercial-grade software for processing aerial imagery. 🛩 and help from @pierotofy.
But now it stops processing midway and the process exits with a code 1, saying that the processing node ran out of memory.

This is my first project with WebODM after I got it installed. I got the same error in two different scenarios:


This was with 132 images in the dataset - about 37 Nadir images and the rest obique. I had unchecked the resize option and left everything else on default settings.


This was with ONLY the nadir images and I put the resize to 2000

When I click on the link pointing to the documentation it only shows the steps for Docker for Windows here :

After sometime on Google I came across these:

Does this mean I have to delete the current machine from docker-machine and restart the entire procedure of setting up a new machine and then allocating more memory to it and the redownloading and reinstalling ALL of WebODM?

Or is there a way where I can preserve or migrate the WebODM data from the current machine and put into a new created machine?


Hey :raised_hand: @arunabha42 you should be able to simply power-off the “webodm” VM from VirtualBox Manager, go to the settings, (also from VirtualBox Manager) and increment the amount of RAM. Then simply start the “webodm” machine.

I’m currently trialing WebODM on my Windows 10 Pro machine with 8gb RAM (I know it’s not enough I need a new machine). No problems processing sub 100 images but I think I have my Hyper-V memory settings wrong. I would only process during the night so I could dedicate all my machine’s memory to processing. My Hyper-V current settings are:
‘The amount of memory that this virtual machine can use’ = 2788mb
‘Dynamiic Memory’
Minimum RAM 512mb
Maximum RAM 1048576mb
Memory buffer 20%
‘memory weight’ slider is mid way between low and high

Please could you advise the best settings with my limited memory. Thanks

The more memory the better (as long as you don’t cripple the host system). For Windows 10 I think you need to leave at least 2GB dedicated to the host.

Hi Piero,
Can the amount of memory allocated be increased after installation?

Sure, just power down the virtual machine, adjust the settings and start it back up.

So if I have 8gb of RAM then I could allocate 6gb of memory to the virtual machine leaving 2gb to the host?