Running open Drone Map - getting an error from perl script

I am trying to run Open Drone Map which I have cloned to an Ubuntu 15.04 server I have installed all the required libraries. After I execute the code:

perl ../OpenDroneMap/ 

from within the directory I have all the photos in I get this error:

: , or } expected while parsing object /hash at character offset 11081 (before " " Mantis i23" : 45.00\n...") at ../OpenDroneMap/ line 36, <$fh> chunk1.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need to see the perl code that executes.

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We’re currently targeting Ubuntu 20.04LTS as our minimum version, so I’m not sure you can make it work on anything lower without a ton of trouble like custom PPAs, compiling correct versions, etc.

Any reason you can’t use the Docker or Snap versions? They are perfect for making situations like this something you don’t need to worry about managing :slight_smile:

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