Running NodeMicMac on Apple M1-Machines using WebODM Manager


is there a way getting the NodeMicMac integrated as a node in WebODM on M1 using the WebODM Manager?

By the way, the performance so far on the recent 16 inch MBP (Apple M1 Max) is already really pretty impressive!


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You should just be able to issue the following command:

./ restart --with-micmac
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Thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s the command to restart with MicMac in Linux-sourroundings by typing it in the terminal, correct?

Recently, I am trying to add NodeMicMac in the MacOS-version, not knowing where do I have to enter those commands when using the docker-version with the WebODM-Manager there? Is there a possibility?

Thanks in advance!

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In the menu of the WebODM Manager (on the Windows version, at least) there is a menu item to enable the NodeMicMac support. I believe the MacOS version has that, as well.

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Indeed, there does exist NodeMicMac as an experimental feature as an option in the windows version and its running fine.

Only in the MacOS-version it seems to be missing.

Whereas using the linux version its running seamlessly. By the way, I have been using a virtualized version of Ubuntu on a 16 inch M1 and can recommend it so no worries! :slight_smile:

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What version of the WebODM Manager for MacOS do you have? Did you just purchase/download it recently?

Nope, I purchased the WebODM-Manager for MacOS already some time ago in November '21. It’s running Version “1.3”.

Has there been an update in the meanwhile?

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Currently the WebODM Manager on Mac does not have the option to enable MicMac.


Thank u a lot for your help and for those fast responses - really appreciate the great work u’re doing - ! :slight_smile:

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