Running a single Lightning account on more than one machine


I have a requirement to run my single Lightning account from more than a single machine. I use a laptop to collect the field images from the drone and then transfer my activities to a second more powerful machine for any required photo editing.

I thought that once I had loaded my photos on my field laptop, I would be able to launch Lightning on my photo editing machine and see the project images there. I thought those images would be accessible through the single account.

Apparently not. When I log into my photo editing machine (running Lightning and using my only username) I see an empty dashboard with no listed projects.

Perhaps I am missing something… Where are the camera images and resulting stitched photos stored if not in the Lightning servers?


Rob Donald

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Welcome, Rob!

We do not roam/migrate Lightning content between clients.

Part of that is that the “raw data” are discarded as soon as processing begins, so we’d not be able to roam them between clients as you’re asking for.

As for roaming the Tasks and final deliverables, that might be possible, but is not currently on the roadmap to my knowledge.

What you can do is sideload the “” final output product between machines to load the final deliverables.

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Thanks for reaching out and answering my question.



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