Runaway ressource usage

I’m trying to use WebODM to run some old aerial photos. These were old film photos scanned at medium res so they have about 12Mpix. I have geotags but they are in as separate text file. I did a prelim run with just 6 photos and I just ran a fast orthophoto with no geotags. The resource usage just went crazy, pushed up to 60 Gb ram (out of my 64) and wrote about 90 Gb to my main disk, which I presume are temp files.

Is this normal? The strange thing is that in another test, it ran 16 20Mpix images (from a P4P, so with geotags embedded) with only a few Gb of ram. Is the lack of an embeded geotag causing some insane interpolation?

Any better parameters I could use?

PS: Ubuntu 20.04; running WebODM in Firefox

What are the exact processing parameters you’re using? That spike in RAM usage early sounds like you’re pushing min-num-features or other matching really really high, which yeah, can go nuts on RAM very easily.

I didn’t edit anything, I literally uploaded 6 images, pulled down to fast Orthophoto and processed. I deleted the job to get rid of that 90 Gb of temp files, so I can’t double check.

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Since they have no geolocation information, make sure to choose an appropriate orthophoto-resolution parameter. The default is probably too small.


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